International Communications

In this age of immediate access to information through the internet, international communications takes on a whole new meaning for the seafarer. Communicating with loved ones “back home” and taking care of personal business by telephone is still very much a priority for a seafarer when transiting a busy port. And, as with the general population, it’s also become increasingly important for seafarers to be able to use a computer with internet access to send and receive emails and to keep abreast of current events at home and around the world on their favorite websites. A mariner at sea does not always have ready access to the internet aboard the ship, so time online when in port is crucial.

A typical USS center is well equipped with international telephone and fax services as well as computers for internet access. In addition, all centers offer postal services, money order sales, currency exchange and international newspapers and magazines for visiting seafarers to peruse. In 2015, at our 6 centers overseas, USS assisted seafarers with over 15,600 communications, i.e. telephone calls, faxes, and internet access.

USS has always been dedicated to providing the latest technology to enable seafarers to stay in touch with loved ones and to stay informed about the world around them.